St Andrews from East Sands


When it was founded a decade ago, the University of St Andrews Lean Team had one objective: To eliminate non-value-adding activity so that the University could focus its energy on teaching and research. Through more than 150 Rapid Improvement Events and over 50 standalone training sessions, the Team brought about real change.

“The single most effective day’s work I have ever seen . . . the day after it was finished we got exactly what we needed, even though I had thought the chances of getting there were zero.” – Former Proctor and Provost Peter Clark

Their work had a significant positive effect on productivity and direct costs, and Lean quickly became a part of the institutional vocabulary. It was the soft benefits, however, such as higher morale, better team work, and a willingness to embrace change, that the staff valued most of all.

“The work i did with Lean is among the highlights of my time at the University” Admissions

Alongside its work within the University, and in response to demand, the Lean Team took on a consulting role providing Lean facilitator training, running Lean projects, and establishing Lean teams at universities and organisations around the world.

 “We should have done this months ago” – SMRU Consulting Ltd.

Through the application of the pioneering St Andrew Model, St Andrews Lean Consulting builds on the reputation and successes of the University’s Lean Team to bring positive change to institutions across the globe, and throughout the higher education, public, private, and charity sectors.

“One of the best events I have attended” – Finance, University of Lincoln

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