Duration: 2 consecutive days 11 Certification: Attainment (Level 1)
Location: Your location (1) or St Andrews (2) 11 University of St Andrews Credits: 2
Cost: (1): £2000 per day + expenses* 11 CPD Hours: 16
(2): £500 per person per day
Prerequisites: None
No. attendees: 4-15
Note: * Price for four participants; negotiable thereafter


Your Lean training begins with two days of theory training. Much of the same content is included as in our Introduction to Lean, however, with the benefit of more time, we are able to delve much deeper into the topics.

Day one will focus on the origins of Lean, Lean basics, Lean championship and strategy, and a number of the lessons learnt from over a decade in Lean in the higher education and service sectors. We also devote a large portion of the day to learning the important tools and techniques necessary to run a Rapid Improvement Event effectively. These include such things as: Kipling Checklist, ease-benefits analysis, RRS analysis, and process mapping.

On day two the emphasis will be on understanding the St Andrews Process Improvement Model and your role in it as a facilitator. Each of the eight steps will be covered in great detail, and we’ll look at who and what is needed in each step, how long it should take, and which of the tools we learnt in day one apply. At the end of the day there will be a short-answer assessment to evaluate your learning so far. On successful completion of the assessment, you will be awarded a certificate of attainment, endorsed by St Andrews Lean Consulting and the University of St Andrews.

More information about the topics covered in days one and two can be found in our resources section, particularly under the Games and Tools and Further Reading.