Mark Robinson Managing Director

Mark Robinson

Managing Director

Mark has been leading the Lean initiative at the University of St Andrews since late 2007. He now works across the globe, with a range of higher education institutions and public, private, and charitable organisations, delivering Lean facilitator training, facilitating Lean Rapid Improvement Events, and establishing Lean teams.

Originally from New Zealand, Mark lives with his wife and two beautiful young daughters in Crail. He is a fan of Single Malt Whisky and genealogy.

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Robert Morgan - Associate Consultant

Robert Morgan

Senior Consultant

Rob joined the team in July 2016, after graduating from the University with a degree in Psychology. He previously interned with the Lean Team in summer 2015, where he worked with Mark to design and deliver Lean facilitator training to a team from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

Born and raised in the UK, Rob is an avid traveller and technical SCUBA diver. He spends his free time exploring flooded mines, undersea caves, and deep-ocean wrecks.

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Kate Millican

Marketing and Business Development Associate

Kate joined the team this summer after completing her degree in Marketing and Psychology at the University of Stirling. Previously, Kate has worked with the University of St Andrews Retail Store as a Logistics Intern, and was involved with the merge of the two stores in 2016.

Originally from England, Kate completed Secondary School, and University in Scotland. In her free time, she enjoys keeping fit by playing netball and going for beach walks with her dog, Solomon.

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