St Andrews Lean Consulting is a process improvement consultancy that is passionate about success and sustainable results. Establishing our reputation as experts over the last decade has enabled us to develop and utilise tools that are proven to work across a wide range of organisations from different sectors. We change culture through improving process and transferring skills.

Our mission is to make your life easier through continuous improvement.


The back story to St Andrews Lean Consulting

The idea of Lean was brought to the University of St Andrews in 2006 after a senior staff member attended a conference presentation about Lean in the service sector. The then Finance Director agreed that a Lean approach would suit the University’s ethos of focusing on people and the contribution they make to institutional success, and a three-year initiative was funded.

Starting in mid- 2006, the University invested significantly in training and resourced a team of three staff. The Lean initiative had three main goals:

  1. Culture Change – to create a drive and appetite for continuous improvement
  2. Effectiveness – to ensure that all institutional processes meet existing and emerging needs
  3. Efficiency – to maximise the use of all resources in the delivery of high-quality services

Attracted by the results the Lean Team were achieving, other universities were keen to find out more. Over time, in addition to its work on process improvement activity within the University, the Lean Team found itself taking on more consulting work, such as running Lean seminars for university staff in Germany, presenting at higher education conferences in the USA, delivering Lean training for groups of university staff from Malaysia, facilitating Lean rapid improvement events in the UK, and helping to establish Lean Teams in Australia. The Team was also providing support to clients in Scotland from the charity, government and military sectors.

The increasing demand for the Team’s services led to the launch of St Andrews Lean Consulting, a subsidiary company of the University of St Andrews, at the start of 2016.

The company’s focus remains the service sector, where it continues to apply the approach and philosophy developed so successfully within the University. While drawing many clients from further and higher education institutions, including recently from Ghana, Ireland, Saudi Arabia as well as Australia, the UK and the USA, the company has been working with law firms and a retail outlet in Scotland, a medical research programme in Ghana, and a philanthropic organisation in the USA.

As did the Lean Team, St Andrews Lean Consulting continues to contribute to the development of Lean thinking, particularly in the higher education sector, by engaging with researchers and authors, and presenting at national and international Lean and related conferences.