Thornton's Law Lean Project RIE Facilitation

Improvement projects follow the St Andrews Process Improvement Model, which begins with a request and scoping exercise. We will meet with members of your institution/organisation, including senior managers and front-line staff, to identify the scope of the process you wish to change, the project team members, and the deliverables and outcomes that you seek.

Following this, we will provide training for the project team, which will equip them with the tools and techniques they need to be able to participate in the Rapid Improvement Event. It is then necessary to engage in a planning session, prior to the RIE, where data collection agreements are established and customers/stakeholders are consulted.

The redesign stage, the Rapid Improvement Event, lasts between three-five days, depending on the complexity and scope of your identified process. During this time, the team will map out the Current State, generate ideas for improvement, identify and remove waste from the process, and map out the Ideal Future and Interim Future States. No technical solutions are required for the RIE, we simply require a long table, a large roll of paper, and lots and lots of sticky notes. At the end of the RIE we will assist with the development of an action plan and support the team in their delivery of a presentation to other staff and customers/stakeholders.


During the post-redesign implementation phase we will be on hand to provide mentoring and support, and monitor the progress of the identified actions. Should the team face any barriers to implementation we can work with senior management to identify solutions and keep the project on track.

At the close of the project we will ensure that the benefits of the redesigned process have been captured, and seek feedback from and provide feedback to the project team. If any further work has been identified throughout the project there will then be an opportunity to discuss this further.

The video below, courtesy of Macquarie University, Sydney, is a great example of what happens during an RIE.