We run two Introduction to Lean programmes: the first is aimed at senior managers and the second at front-line staff and middle managers. Throughout both sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to apply their new-found knowledge in a variety of interactive simulations and exercises.

For Staff

This half-day session, aimed at front-line staff (both academic and administrative), introduces you to the origins and history of Lean; the Lean Fundamentals, Principles, and wastes; and the St Andrews Process Improvement Model. It is the same content as offered in our Introduction to Lean for Senior Managers, although in slightly less detail and with an emphasis on how the tools and techniques can be applied in your day-to-day work.

Simulations and games play a large part in this session, and it is expected that, on completion, staff will be able to return to the day job and begin applying Lean immediately.

The material covered in this session also prepares staff to take part in a Rapid Improvement Event, and so can shorten the time required for project preparation if delivered as part of a wider institutional/organisational Lean capability-building programme.


For Senior Managers

The purpose of this day-long session covers much of the same content as our Introduction to Lean for Staff, however, many of the topics are covered in more detail and the overall focus is at strategic-level rather than operational-level.

There are a number of hands-on activities and simulations spread throughout the session, which give participants the opportunity to apply the tools and techniques they have learnt, and see the immediate benefits that Lean can bring to your institution or organisation.

Having been involved in Lean for more than a decade, we are in the perfect place to share with you a huge number of lessons learnt, many of which come from the work done internally at the University, as well as at the other institutions/organisations we have worked with.

The session is designed so that participants not only learn something, but also have the chance to question us about the value of Lean, our methodology and approach, and what we can do for you.

If you would like to know more, or arrange an initial conversation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.