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By Chloe Lamb


Good news readers, the latest version of our Lean Lego® game is now available. The game, created around 10 years ago, is a fun and practical way to learn about Lean, and process improvement more broadly.


The game is designed for teams of 5 to 10 participants and is played over two rounds. The 1st round is set up by the trainer, the players are assigned roles and cannot make any changes to the set-up or the process before or during that round. Players have the opportunity to make changes in the interval between Rounds 1 and 2. Round 2 should see a significantly improved process and greater performance, and, much happier customers. And we all know that happy customers are very important.


We call our game the Lean Lego® Game because it is played with Lego® bricks, and its one way to learn about Lean, and, it’s a game. Enough of the obvious. All that happens in the game is the participants are required to make the models selected by a customer from a catalogue, as quickly as they can and without mistakes. It’s as simple as that. Our unique and special models include a duck robot, a throne, a Dealan-dè (Scots Gaelic for ‘butterfly’), and a Ddraig (we’ll leave that for you to translate. Here’s a hint, best in coch).













The game gives participants the opportunity to develop their communication, customer service and teamwork skills and to learn about some Lean tools and techniques including Continuous Improvement, Respect for People, the Five Principles, Kanban, Plan-Do-Check-Act, Standard Work, 5S and the Eight Wastes. When you are enjoying yourself, learning is easy.


Participants tell us they really enjoy the game, learn lots and are keen to go away and immediately apply their learnings back in the workplace. Trainers tell us it would be a good idea if we didn’t have the full instructions available from our website, some staff want to get a head start and a quick search and we’re easily found. So, if you would like to find out more about our Lean Lego® game and the lessons it can teach, please contact us! We’re happy to send the instructions on to you, and, we’re also happy and come to run to game for you. You can contact us here! 


One more thing – the participants enjoy the game so much they want to tell their colleagues about the great time they had. That is to be expected and by all means let them do so, but if they can withhold the games ‘secrets’ the value of the game to others in your organisation will be maintained.

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