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By: Mark Robinson

At St Andrews Lean Consulting, we are always on the lookout for new books and materials that can help you to improve your business. In addition to the Lean Resources section of our website, have a look at this new book we highly recommend. We are currently working with one of the authors who is based in the University of North Alabama due to the strong link between Lean philosophy and strategic doing.

Here is a letter from the authors regarding the book:

‘The new book Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership will be published on May 7, 2019. After so many years thinking about writing a book, we can’t wait to share it with you. Strategic Doing: 10 Skills for Agile Leadership introduces readers to a new way of designing and guiding complex collaborations by following a discipline of simple rules that serve as the foundation for a new way of doing business that leads to success. Filled with compelling case studies, Strategic Doing: 10 Skills for Agile Leadership teaches readers how to:

· Unleash the power of true collaboration

· Learn and master the 10 skills of agile leadership

· Apply individual skills to targeted situations

· Introduces a new discipline of leadership strategy

Today you can pre-order and receive: Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership: Pre-Order Giveaways. Place your order before May 7, 2019 and we’ll immediately send you:

• A short e-book: 10 Ways to Start Using Strategic Doing Now

• A whitepaper discussing some of the key research finding underlying Strategic Doing’s effectiveness

• A chapter from the accompanying workbook, which will be out later this year

• A template to help you use Strategic Doing with your teams

• An invitation to a “fireside chat” with the authors, answering your questions

How to get the giveaways

First, buy the book at one of these online sites (hardcover is available now, with the e-book on the way):


Barnes & Noble

Indie Bound



Second, forward your receipt to [email protected]

That’s it! We’ll follow up and send you the giveaways.’


Happy Reading!


If you would like to find out more about our work at St Andrews Lean Consulting and how we can help you on your Lean journey, you can contact us here.

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