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By Kelsey McIntyre

Hello all! Today we will be discussing the Amphora Coaching Model and how it can help your business improve.

The Amphora Coaching Model is like a life coach, asking you questions and encouraging you to dip deep regarding your needs in order to shape up your life. This simple model asks you basic questions about your business, but the thought process it encourages can make a positive and powerful impact on your business practices. The simple guidance can be applied to big and small tasks, encouraging you to develop the best plan of action for your needs.

First, explore the issue. Discuss all of its facets to give a holistic view of what the situation is.

Next, what would a wise person think, say or do? Think of someone you admire, real or fictional, and imagine what they would do in this situation.

Then ask yourself, based upon the issue and what a wise person would do, what you think YOU need to do.

Next, come up with an action plan. What will you do and by when? These are concrete goals based upon your aspirations.

Lastly, follow up. Talk through what you have done and look for new opportunities. Following up is key to continuous improvement, so be sure not to miss this step!

This simple model can be printed and hung in your office as a reminder of questions to ask when approaching a situation. By following these steps, you will be on your way to achieving process improvement and steam-lining your process method.

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