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Hello everyone! 

Way back in 2017 we posted a blog about some apps that the SALC team use every day to be more Lean (you can check out the original blog here). We all know that things move quickly in the world of technology, so


 it’s about time we dust off the cobwebs and do an update! 

Below are the 5 apps we’re currently loving to help us be more Lean. Although some of their functions are quite specific, we believe they could all be useful for a wide variety of people in a range of different setting. If you try any of them out we’d love to hear your feedback, or suggestions for any other apps that we should try!

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Basically, what3words gives us a simple way to talk about location. They have divided the entire world up into 3m squares, and assigned each one a unique 3 word identifier that will never change. For example ///bubbles.notifying.sparks marks the entrance to the University of St Andrews New Technology Centre, where SALC is based. The 3 word addresses created by what3words are easy to say and share, they are more precise than postcodes, and they are available in over 35 languages. 

The idea originally came about because Chris, Co-Founder & CEO, had several bad experiences whilst working in the music industry of bands and equipment turning up at the wrong venues! So it’s perfect for arranging to meet at a venue with multiple entrances, and makes navigating to places that don’t have street names (like the start of a hiking trail) much easier! 

However, as you can imagine, what3words can also be useful in much more serious, even life-threatening, situations. Recently, thanks to what3words a mother and daughter in Somerset were found by rescuers after their car flipped into a ditch, and a climber who fell near Everest base camp was saved. You never know when you might need it, so we highly recommend downloading! 


Time Buddy

Now on to something a bit simpler, but still fantastically useful! Tired of missing those all-important conference calls with foreign clients? Well Time Buddy is a visual time converter, scheduler and world clock all in one. Simply download it on to your Apple or Android device, and convert time across multiple time zones in an instant. For anyone, or any organisation, that works with clients across the globe, Time Buddy is a fantastic tool. You can arrange calls or meetings with multiple people in different time zones with ease. It is very intuitive and simple to use, meaning you no longer have to spend ages trying figure what time it is elsewhere!  



Google Translate Camera

Ever been lost on holiday and struggled to understand the direction signs? We’ve all been there, but this app could help solve that problem forever! Google Translate Camera does exactly what it says on the tin. Within the Google Translate app you can access instant camera translation, which allows you to see the world in your language by just pointing your camera lens at the foreign text. This is an amazing tool for anyone who travels regularly, and often struggles with the language barriers we have all experienced.

However sometimes it is difficult to figure out what language the text you’re looking at is in. For example in South America Portuguese and Spanish are both spoken. So, when you come across a sign you might not know which language it is. Now Google takes care of that for you! Simply select “Detect language” as the source language, and it automatically detects the language and translates the text. The app works on Apple and Android devices, so definitely worth checking out!




Snapseed is a free photo-editing app that is available for both Android and IOS mobile devices. Simply take a picture on your mobile, apply one Snapseed’s filters or use some of the amazing editing tools, and it’s ready to share! 

Possibly our favourite Snapseed feature is the ability to adjust the perspective of photos. It’s a great tool that helps you create strong and engaging image content for your social channels, particularly Instagram. Plus, our Managing Director loves it for getting great holiday snaps without having to fight his way through throngs of tourists to get right in front of attractions! 



Office Lens

That’s right – Office Lens is so good we’re featuring it again! For those of you who have already read the previous blog, you’ll know that Office Lens has loads of uses. It trims, enhances, and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable. You can use then convert these images into PDF, Word and PowerPoint files and save to your OneDrive, OneNote, etc.

We use it to capture meeting notes from the flip-chart or whiteboard and easily share them with all attendees. It’s also great for students to easily integrate images of handouts and whiteboard scribbles in to your notes during lectures. 

Do you use Office Lens for anything else? Tweet us @LeanUni to share any other suggestions on how to make the most out of this fantastic app!  

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