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By Kelsey McIntyre

  1. Lean Culture in Higher Education: Towards Continuous Improvement by Justyna Maciag
    • This book deepens the understanding of cultural conditions for implementing organizational and process changes in higher education institutions. It defines the notion of Lean Culture, proposes a model to assess its maturity, determines conditions for its implementation, and presents the tools of the Lean management model in a university.
  2. Lean Higher Education: Increasing the Value and Performance of University Processes by William K Balzer
    • This book is a very helpful manual on how to integrate Lean thinking into Higher Education. The examples used are simple and easy to follow and it avoids using confusing jargon, making it perfect for someone new to Lean.
  3. Financial Times Guides Lean: How to Streamline your Organisation, Engage Employees and Create a Competitive Edge by Andy Brophy
    • This book is an essential for anyone looking to gain insight into the principles behind Lean management and how to actually implement them. Great to have as an introduction to Lean or as a refresher.
  4. The Lean Toolbox: A Handbook for Lean Transformation by John Bicheno and Matthias Holweg
    • This book is excellent for beginners, looking to understand the basics of Lean. It provides frameworks for the tools you need to help your business cut down on waste and improve efficiency.
  5. The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook: A Quick Reference Guide to Nearly 100 Tools for Improving Process Quality, Speed and Complexity by Michael L George, David Rowlands, Mark Price and John Maxey
    • This book provides short, simple explanations of key Lean skills. Key subject matter is explained in a way everyone can understand, no matter their Lean background and can act as an excellent refresher for even the most experienced managers.
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