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Dear readers,

Consider the ‘new normal’,  fully ushered in, or at least until the ‘new new normal’ post-vaccine, with the successful execution last week of an online event organised between ourselves and Potsdam University,

We had originally planned to physically attend the excellent, mansion-resembling university of about 20,000 students situated just outside Berlin, but nature intervened, and it was not to be. Zoom prevailed, however, and It was nonetheless an absolute delight to deliver the event –  in a Lean fashion too with at least two of the eight wastes avoided, comment below with your ideas as to which ones – and we were pleased that the attendees, some of whom had tuned in from different continents, found it so useful.

The event was essentially an introduction to Lean methodology, how we have approached its implementation here in St Andrews and on the behalf of our clients all across the world in sectors as diverse as the charitable and legal, and the results we consistently generate. Whenever we do these events we also try and gain a sense of which areas of our clients’ businesses are proving challenging from an efficiency perspective, and some comments related to difficulties in ensuring the efficient upgrade of IT systems and how Lean methodology could potentially help there, as well as the difficulties in getting sufficient buy-in for Lean methodology – the wall of no excuses went down well in that sense!

Happily, as we had the opportunity to discuss during the event, not only is there our current offering around individualised training, rapid improvement project implementation and auditing, there is also our upcoming course offering which represents our answer to this crisis.

What we have done it taken our five-day Lean facilitator training programme and broken it down into three stand-alone courses: Lean Fundamentals (Day 1), Lean for Leaders (Day 2), and a practical course (Days 3 to 5), where the learnings from the first two courses are put in practice in a controlled situation via a simulated Lean rapid implement event.

Lean Fundamentals and Lean for Leaders, each consisting of five modules, each lasting approximately 90 minutes, will be available for on demand enrolment. The entire content of these two courses will be recorded and accessible via a learning management system. Progress through the courses will be self-paced and I will be holding regular masterclasses to interact with students.

The third course, the simulation, will consist of eight modules of varying length, the recorded materials will again be accessible via a learning management system. As this course is practical, and of necessity led by me, I will be taking enrolments in batches as the course will best work with small groups of students advancing through the modules as a group.

For more information about signing up to these course offerings, please get in touch using [email protected], or with our Managing Director Mark on [email protected]

Here is to a peaceful end to this stressful year and thereafter ein guter rutsch ins neue jahr.


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