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By: Kelsey McIntyre

Hey everyone, today we will be discussing the basics of Lean so that you can see how to start implementing Lean philosophies into your business.

Lean is the right people continuously searching for the simplest and smoothest process in order to meet customer needs perfectly. It has been used to improve customer service, quality, efficiency, staff morale, and internal communication and cooperation. The principles of Lean are common sense and can be adapted to fit a wide range of environments, but they can sometimes be challenging to implement.

Lean has two fundamental principles: continuous improvement and respect for people. It is not looking to replace people or make them obsolete, since staff are our greatest asset.

There are five key principles of Lean:

  1. Value- add value and remove waste
  2. Process- nothing happens in isolation
  3. Pull- do what the customer needs
  4. Flow- smooth out peak and troughs
  5. Perfection- aim to get it right the first time

Through this, you are striving to eliminate eight wastes:





Over processing

Over production



The St Andrews Lean Model was developed as a way to help you implement your process improvement. The steps are as follows here:

By using these principles and steps, you should be able to begin the process of cutting down waste and aiming for perfection within your organisation.

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