Public Universities in Ghana, West Africa

We have a long-standing and enjoyable connection with the public universities of Ghana. This case study outlines some of the training programmes we have provided for various groups of staff and students from Ghanaian universities over the last few years.

Ghanaian Public Universities

Public Research University, New South Wales, Australia

The University of St Andrews Lean Team facilitated Lean in HE training for the University’s Business Process Improvement Initiative. St Andrews led the delivery of the first Rapid Improvement Event and led the co-facilitation of the second event. St Andrews also delivered a two week training programme, which included one-on-one and group coaching, for four University facilitators who conducted two RIEs during the second week.

PG Domestic Applications

Staff Onboarding Process

Public Research University, South East, UK

Lean Facilitator Training – Five days of training for members of the University’s Strategic Projects and Change group

Public Research University, East Midlands, UK

Library Reshelving

Purchase to Pay

Public Research University, Queensland, Australia

Senior Management Training – Two days Introduction to Lean training and then a further three days simulated Rapid Improvement Event

Leading British Research Institution, Rome, Italy

The institution identified a need to improve some of its business processes and invited the Lean Team to Rome to assist. You can read the interview with Professor Christopher Smith, Director of the School, here.