We have a long-standing and enjoyable connection with the public universities of Ghana.


We have provided Lean training for various groups of staff and students from Ghanaian universities for several years. In 2015 four employees from the University of Cape Coast and one from the London based Universities of Ghana Overseas Office came to the University of St Andrews to attend our week-long Lean Facilitator Programme. The Lean Facilitator training covers Lean theory, tools, and techniques, and includes lots of interactive Lean games! This is a programme we successfully delivered for numerous universities in, for example, the UK and Australia.

University of Cape Coast staff during their visit to St Andrews


Since then, two groups of senior staff representing all of the 20 public universities in Ghana, as well as a separate group of Vice-Chancellors, have come to St Andrews for the Lean Facilitator Programme. In addition to this, the group of Vice-Chancellors were also interested in further training. Thanks to our unique connection to the University of St Andrews, we were able to build bespoke sessions into the Vice-Chancellor’s training programme to meet their requirements. These sessions included an informative and thought-provoking seminar on Leading Change delivered by Sandra Romenska, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Management. The Vice-Chancellors also met with Wilber Sabiiti, from the Infection and Global Health Division in the University’s School of Medicine, to hear about his important research concerning tuberculous in East Africa.

From top to bottom: the group from the Ghanaian Technical Universities, the Technical Universities staff at
work, staff from the Ghanaian Public Universities, the group of Vice-Chancellors that visited St Andrews,
and the Vice-Chancellors at work.


Following on from the Vice-Chancellors visit, Mark Robinson, our MD, was invited to deliver training programmes for staff and students at the University of Professional Studies in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. The staff programme was identical to that delivered for previous groups from Ghana. However, the programme we designed for students focused more on Lean tools and techniques and featured some of our always instructional and entertaining Lean games, helping them to develop skills and knowledge that would be useful during their studies and be valued by future employers. We delivered this programme to more than 70 students over three evenings, and the chaos and laughter caused by four groups playing the Ball Game simultaneously is an experience that Mark recommends.

From top to bottom: Mark with a group of students at the University of Professional Studies in Accra, and
students from the University of Professional Studies in Accra during one of their training sessions. 


Additionally, the connections made when the Vice-Chancellors heard Wilber speak saw Mark return to Ghana to deliver a well-received three-day training programme in Accra for the Ghana based staff of the Scotland-West Africa Partnership to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance.

Team work during the Scotland-West Africa Partnership to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance training programme.


Another programme for Vice-Chancellors and other senior staff of Ghanaian universities was to be delivered this year in St Andrews but unfortunately for the world COVID-19 made its most unwelcome appearance. We are now looking to reschedule for 2021.


Now, you may be wondering what the attendees had to say about our programmes. Here is a selection of their feedback.

Vice-Chancellor feedback:

It was very interactive and the active involvement of participants was good. I enjoyed the redesigning session.
–  University of Energy and Natural Resources

The facilitations and the interactions went very well. Engaging.
–  University of Health and Allied Sciences

Practical sessions were very useful.
–  University of Professional Studies Accra

Staff feedback:

This has been an eye opener. Indeed, grateful for the opportunity.
– University of Cape Coast

A very good experience. The lessons learnt have been enormous and revealing.
–  University of Education

Perfect delivery by the facilitators. I enjoyed every bit of it. It has given me immense knowledge on Lean.
–  University for Development Studies

Practical sessions were very brain-stimulating so I did not want to miss training.
– Ghanaian National Antimicrobial Resistance taskforce

Student Feedback:

In all it was a very good programme and I will love to do it again.
– University of Professional Studies Accra

The programme was characterized by a lot of activities and games which made it interesting and yet very informing. Going forward I wish our lecturers engage in this form of teaching to grab our attention and make courses simple.
– University of Professional Studies Accra


If you are interested in learning more about our range of training programmes, whether delivered in St Andrews or on-site wherever you may be, please get in touch.