The first five-day Rapid Improvement Event held at the University was led by University of St Andrews. The purpose of the RIE was to review and redesign the domestic postgraduate application process. The project team consisted of 13 staff, including the Deputy Registrar and representatives from the Faculties, Informatics, Student Connect, and Student Business and Systems Solutions.


To increase the quality of the applications received and the speed at which a student is advised of offer or rejection with communication at each stage of the process.


Start: When an application was received

Finish: When a letter of offer or rejection is sent to the student


  • Improved turnaround times
  • Procedures and responsibilities clearly identified
  • More transparent admission processes and criteria
  • Stronger collaboration among various internal parties

Business Process Improvement Initiative room

Lots of ideas for improvement cover the walls and windows.




“Great experience. It has given me a different way of looking at process and I look forward to applying what I have learnt to work outside these [events].”  – RIE Team Member

“This week has definitely challenged me to question our university processes. WOO!” – RIE Team Member

Details on the University’s Business Process Improvement Initiative are available here.