The second Rapid Improvement Event held at the University and co-facilitated with the University of St Andrews looked at the staff on-boarding process. The project team consisted of 11 staff, including representatives from HR, the Library, and Faculties.


To give new staff a seamless and positive on-boarding experience that engages them in the University community and allows/enables them to be productive as quickly as possible.


Start: Receipt of the signed employment offer

Finish: When the staff member has access to the systems, tools, knowledge and support that enables them to be productive and understands how their role contributes to the University community


  • Clear accountabilities and timeframes
  • Managers involved are accountable for the on-boarding of their new staff
  • Revised on-boarding system for managers
  • Information pack (e.g. faculty rules, organisation charts, strategies, etc.) for new staff
  • Support and coaching for managers


Business Process Improvement Initiative room

Current state map on the table and ideas for improvement dot the windows.




Details on the University’s Business Process Improvement Initiative are available here.