Setting the Scene


The School of Biology wanted to ensure that it met the Registry deadline for the submission of properly validated examination papers.

As part of the scoping exercise it was determined that the team of four academics and one office manager would, over the three days set aside, focus on the process for Junior Honours papers. This process appeared to be a more complicated than that for the production of pre-honour and Senior Honour examination papers.

Scoping also identified that academic staff had different versions of the examination paper setting procedures and that the checking process was relied on by some as a form of quality control.


  • To improve the process for setting the Junior Honours examination papers and to meet the Registry deadline



Process Improvements

  • Clear instructions to all staff
  • Emphasis on getting it right first time
  • Significant reduction in checking of question validity, grammar, etc.

Quantitative Benefits

  • Examination paper setting process steps reduced from 32 to 12

Qualitative Benefits

  • Time freed across the School for all staff to do other value-adding work
  • University deadlines met consistently


Current State Map

103_9196 Stitch 2



Future State Map

New Proccess


“Thank you for your help in getting our thinking straight.” – Academic, School of Biology

“We all found the experience extremely rewarding.” – Academic, School of Biology