Inquiry into Leadership Styles in the Process of Implementing Lean
Jan van Ampting (2016) – Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, The Netherlands

A investigation into how the personal leadership style of executive managers, as measured by the Life Orientations (LIFO) scale, effects the implementation of Lean. The results show a clear connection between people-orientated leadership styles (compared to system-/procedure-orientated styles) and successful Lean implementation.

You can download and read Jan’s summary paper in English and Dutch
His full paper is available in Dutch here

Lean University – The Application of Lean Thinking for Improving Processes in Higher Education Institutions
Tobias Langer (2011) – MSc Management, Queen’s University Belfast

A review of how Lean thinking can be applied to a higher education context, with three case studies from UK universities. Analysis suggests that Lean can be applied in HE, although with less spectacular results than in manufacturing. This is suggested to be due to issues within HE organisational structure, and because the concept of Lean HE is less sophisticated and powerful than Lean manufacturing.

You can download and read Tobias’ dissertation here

A Report on Lean at The University of St Andrews
Emma Thirkell (2010) – PhD Candidate “Transferability of Lean Production in the Public Sector”, University of Newcastle

A case study of Lean at the University of St Andrews, based on semi-structured interviews with 22 individuals throughout the institution. The efforts of the Lean Team have had varying degrees of success, with many staff members reporting increased empowerment and collaboration but also issues with training, communication, and management styles. Recommendations for the future of Lean in St Andrews (and HE in general) are offered.

You can download and read Emma’s dissertation here