This page contains links to selected Lean and related websites,

Please get in touch if you think there are other useful websites we should add. We’re trying to avoid sites that offer services or material for a fee. And if there are any broken links do tell us.


All About Lean – The history of Lean, amongst other things, by Christoph Roser

American Society for Quality (ASQ) – Wide range of resources relevant to Lean in HE

ASQ Lean Enterprise Division – Focus on manufacturing, government, healthcare, etc.

Better Operations – Dr. Torbjørn Netland’s thoughts on continuous improvement

Bob Emiliani – Lean leadership books, articles, and videos

Compression Institute – The innovative ideas of Robert ‘Doc’ Hall

Creative Safety Supply – Lots of Lean education articles

FREEleansite – Many free resources with downloadable training modules

Gemba Academy – Teaching and training resources (many videos)

John Bicheno’s top 100 Lean books – John’s list of Lean classics and recent work

Lean Blog – Lean in hospitals, business, and our world, by Mark Graban

Lean Competency System – Lean qualification framework

The Lean Edge – Discussion between management thinkers and Lean management writers

Lean Enterprise Academy – Mission is to deepen and spread the understanding of Lean

Lean Enterprise Institute – Mission to make things better through Lean thinking and practice

Lean Higher Education – Lean in Universities created by Bill Balzer

Lean Insider – A blog of news, research, and trends on OE and Lean enterprise

The Lean Management Journal – Leadership in process improvement

Lean Manufacturing – Lean tools and glossary

Lean Ohio – Lean guides, tools, and training materials from Ohio State Government

Lean Production – Manufacturing resources with many relevant and transferrable to HE

Lean Simulations – Collection of Lean games/simulations, videos, and blog posts

Miami University, Ohio – Glossary of Lean terminology

Michigan Technical University – Includes blogs and a list of useful texts

Norges Arktiske Universitet – Readings, tools and techniques (in Norwegian

Planet Lean – Magazine of the Lean Global Network

Rapid Improvement – Our USA partner

ResearchGate – A social networking site with many Lean in HE related papers

Shingo Institute – Needs no introduction

Shmula – Pete Abilla’s take on a number of Lean related topics

Strategic Doing – Methodology enabling quick formation of action-oriented collaborations

Toyota Kata – Resources provided by Mike Rother, author of e.g. ‘Toyota Kata’

UCISA – Includes ‘Establishing Process Improvement Capability in an HE Environment

University of Iowa – Includes an overview of Lean and some useful tools

St Andrews Lean Consulting – (That’s us, it is our webpage after all!) Lots of good resources

The W. Edwards Deming Institute – Readings, blogs and videos of the work of Dr Deming