Quad of Aims

Quad of Aims is a simple way to establish the aims of a Lean continuous improvement project.

When created with the project team, Quad of Aims helps to ensure every team member understands the project and what they expect it to deliver.

Quad of Aims is particularly useful if the team are embarking on an improvement task that requires an investment of time and cost beyond their normal day-to-day scope. It also helps sponsors commit to the project and gain a rough estimate of its impact.

Creating a Quad of Aims is simple. Draw the following grid on a flip-chart or white board:



With the team, fill in each quad. An easy way to get the conversation flowing is to use open ended questions. The 5 Whys and the 5Ws and 1H are ideal tools to use here.


Purpose: A clear and concise statement of what the project is aiming to achieve e.g. ‘To eliminate the backlog and significantly reduce process time for new work’.

Stakeholders and Benefits: e.g. Business – Space freed up, saving on rework costs, better use of resources. User – Less frustration with the process, more time for value-add activity. Customer – On time delivery and availability.

Deliverables: e.g. Backlog eliminated, Data gathered, Activity reports, New process. (All with target dates).

Measurables: e.g. Backlog eliminated by target date, On-demand reports available, New process in place by target date, New process targets being met.