SIPOC is a tool used to determine the inputs and outputs of a process.

SIPOC is an acronym and it stands for:


A SIPOC is created for a number of reasons including to:

  • Develop a high-level view of a process
  • Determine the boundary of the process to be improved
  • Avoid improvement objectives from drifting
  • Highlight areas for improvement
  • Focus on the process customer


Creating a SIPOC is simple. Draw the following grid on a flip-chart or white board:

With a team of process experts in the room, start asking questions such as those below. There may be overlap but the point is to get the conversation flowing and gather all of the required information. As the answers come in list them under the appropriate heading. As to ‘Process’ map this out at a high level, the key stages, five to seven steps is best.

An easy way to get the conversation flowing is to use open ended questions. The 5 Whys and the 5Ws and 1H are ideal tools to use here.