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Improving Processes For Sustainable Growth

St Andrews Lean Consulting offers a blend of bespoke training, practical support, and guidance to organisations at different stages of their growth.

We work with all levels of staff and end customers to support them in their pursuit of process excellence within their organisation.

By providing theoretical and practical training we enable organisations to assess their ideas and consider their own commercial potential. We work with teams to improve processes, transfer skills and change culture within organisations. Our approach is founded on an intimate understanding of business processes, governance structures and organisational behaviours.


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St Andrews from East Sands

St Andrews Lean Consulting

St Andrews Lean Consulting is a process improvement consultancy that is passionate about success and sustainable results. Establishing our reputation as experts over the last decade has enabled us to develop and utilise tools that are proven to work across a wide range of organisations from different sectors. We change culture through improving process and …

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The Challenges of Scoping, and how you can avoid them

Happy hump day readers. As part of the lead up to the release of our new course next month, we are discussing a key part of implementing a Lean project within your business or organisation, Scoping. After initial request, Scoping is the second step of the St Andrews Model – the framework we use to …

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Lean Fundamentals – our Online Course due Early March

With Valentine’s Day having just passed, we have news you will love! Our new course, Lean Fundamentals, is due for launch early next month. Over the next two weeks you will see a number of posts providing snapshots of what you can expect to cover during the course; from how to tackle the sometimes delicate …

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